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Organic Products from CADO

CADO's organic products include ethanol, potable alcohol and unrefined sugar.  Our products have organic certification (Ecuador/NOP/EU) and also fair trade certification (currently under renewal).
We also produce chocolate cream liqueur and coffee cream liqueur, which were until recently certified organic as well as being Fair for Life fair trade certified.  However, the Ecuadorian government banned the import of dairy products, cutting off our supply of organic cream from Mexico.  So, we are currently working with a group of Ecuadorian dairy farmers who are well on the way to gaining organic certification, which will be a first in Ecuador.  As soon as the dairy farmers' cream is certified organic, our cream liqueurs will once again be certified organic, too.  For now, we are blending the delicious, thick, dairy cream from their cows with the other organic ingredients in our temporarily-not-certified-organic coffee and chocolate liqueurs.  We applaud these farmers for taking on the brave and costly challenge of becoming certified organic, investing for a more environmentally sustainable future.  We hope you will show them how much you value their care of the environment by purchasing our cream liqueurs to help support them on their journey to organic certification.
Organic, fair trade ethanol can be used in the cosmetics industry, for perfumes and other personal care products, or can be used as an industrial solvent or to extract compounds.  This organic product can be supplied denatured or in any other form as required by the client.  The rectification plant we use has sophisticated lab facilities with gas chromatography and can match any desired profile of characteristics for the ethanol.
Organic, fair trade potable alcohol can be supplied at the strength required by the client and is suitable for high-quality, socially responsible liqueurs or other alcoholic beverages.  It can also be used to extract compounds (e.g. colourings, flavourings) from plants while maintaining organic product status, for use in foodstuffs or alternative therapies.
Our chocolate cream liqueur and coffee cream liqueur are a delicious way to enjoy the satisfaction of supporting socially and environmentally responsible family farms in an area of extreme poverty.  In addition to CADO's high quality organic, fair trade alcohol, these liqueurs contain organic coffee or organic chocolate from small Ecuadorian producer groups.  The fair trade dairy cream comes from Ecuadorian cows and will soon be certified organic too.  We can change the percentage of any of the ingredients to suit local tastes or regulations.
To make their organic products, CADO's farmers first cultivate their sugar cane organically.  The small organic plantations are tended by hand, using methods which conserve the rich biodiversity of the area, protect water sources and make the most of the relatively poor soil in an environmentally-responsible way, allowing wildlife to thrive alongside the crops.  
The alcohol is distilled from sugar cane juice on small family farms using traditional methods, updated with appropriate technology to meet strict organic and fair trade standards.  The alcohol is then sent to a rectification plant (also with organic certification) with state-of-the-art technology, which means that CADO can request them to make alcohol to the very precise specifications needed for perfumes and similar products.   
CADO's clients get the best of both worlds with this organic, fair trade alcohol and the organic products made from it - traditional, organic production methods operating on a fair trade basis, but with the quality control and modern technology necessary to meet even the strictest specifications for high-quality finished organic products.

Organic products from CADO
Our fair trade, organic products include: organic ethanol, organic alcohol, chocolate cream liqueur and coffee cream liqueur.
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Organic products: organic whole cane sugar
Controlling organic product quality with sophisticated technology
CADO's organic fair trade alcohol is high quality
Organic products: organic whole cane sugar
Organic products: Burning canestalks under a distillation tank to make organic alcohol
Organic sugarcane, the raw material for our organic products.