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Organic Coffee Cream Liqueur

CADO's rich coffee cream liqueur is fair trade certified and community-produced.  It contains CADO's organic, fair trade alcohol, made on small family farms in rural Ecuador.  This is blended with a maceration of the best organic coffee from another small Ecuadorian producer group.  Rich dairy cream and organic cane sugar finish the recipe, resulting in a delicious treat.
CADO sources the best coffee beans, shade-grown at high altitude in the native forests covering the mountains here in Ecuador.  The community enterprise of coffee producers here unites the experience of the older farmers with the business know-how of the younger members to produce gourmet coffee.  The group have organic certification.  They harvest the mature coffee cherries by hand, then dry them in the tropical sun before carefully roasting the beans to the perfect degree to bring out the full flavor.
The intense coffee flavour is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of artisan-produced organic cane sugar, some from CADO's own sugarcane farmers, some from similar farmers in neighbouring Colombia.
Our delicious fair trade coffee cream liqueur had organic certification until recently, when Ecuador's government banned the import of milk products, cutting off our source of organic cream.  So, we are working with a group of Ecuadorian dairy farmers who are in the arduous process of getting organic certification for the thick, rich cream from their dairy herds, which we use in our liqueurs.  They currently have all the costs, risks and inconvenience of farming organically, without the benefits that certification brings.  We know from our experience with CADO's sugarcane farmers that the struggle is worthwhile and will change lives for the better, so we appreciate you helping us support them through this costly and difficult part of the process.  All you need to do to help is purchase our community-produced, fair trade liqueurs, which will soon once again be certified organic.
This gourmet coffee cream liqueur is the perfect treat after dinner with friends, but can also be used as an ingredient in liqueur chocolates or decadent desserts.  Try it with coffee, or even mixed into coffee or hot chocolate for a warming winter beverage.  CADO's organic coffee cream liqueur is available either bottled with our brand name WILKAY, which means "sacred" in the native Quichua language of the area.  We will very soon have the first bottles at our new distributor in Milan, Italy, for sales in Europe, and we are seeking distributors and importers around the rest of the world.  
One coffee flavored liqueur is not necessarily the same as another, and CADO's coffee cream liqueur offers a lot more than just a delicious aperitif.  The organic cultivation, fair trade values and community enterprises involved mean that your purchase is helping to save Ecuador's rich biodiversity and wildlife while improving lives in an area of poverty.  Liqueur sales provide a fair price to the producers, allowing them to educate their children and improve their quality of life but still remain on their rural farms, maintain their traditions and protect their local environment.
For more information, or to import fairly-traded, community-produced coffee cream liqueur, write to us at cadoecuador("at")

Organic Coffee Cream Liqueur,
High quality coffee cream liqueur produced from organic sugarcane plantations in rural communities of Ecuador, flavored with best coffee from organic coffee producers.
A Green Progress organic farming project from CRACYP.
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Fair trade coffee cream liqueur with organic ingredients
Gourmet coffee, seen here as the fruit, coffee cherries, still on the tree
Glass of organic coffee flavored liqueur with organic coffee beans
Fair trade, certified organic sugar cane plantation
The best coffee beans!
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