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Organic Chocolate Cream Liqueur

Organic chocolate cream liqueur from CADO is fair trade certified and community-produced.  It contains organic, fair trade alcohol, made by a community enterprise of small scale farmers in rural Ecuador.  A maceration of the best organic cacao beans (the raw material for chocolate) from another small Ecuadorian producer group is added to the alcohol.  Thick dairy cream (well on the way to obtaining organic certification) and organic cane sugar are blended in to make a smooth, rich liqueur.
For the chocolate taste in our chocolate cream liqueur, we use the finest organic cacao, grown in endangered ancient cacao forests in the tropical coastal region of Ecuador.  These "fino de aroma" cacao trees produce the best chocolate, and the organic cultivation methods help preserve the traditional plantations for future generations.  In addition to producing some of the best quality chocolate in the world, these mature organic plantations also support a significant range of wildlife.  By macerating this superb cacao in alcohol, we ensure that all the chocolate flavors and nuances are highlighted in the liqueur.
Chocolate flavored liqueur brands are not all the same, and CADO's is more than just a delicious chocolate cream liquor.  Organic farming helps to conserve Ecuador's lush but fragile environment, while fair trade allows several community enterprises to improve working conditions and quality of life in remote rural communities.  With the fair price from chocolate cream liqueur sales, these small scale family farmers can escape poverty without having to leave their ancestral lands and traditional way of life.
This rich chocolate cream liqueur is perfect for sipping after dinner with friends, but can also be poured over ice cream or christmas pudding for a gourmet dessert.  It adds delicious richness to chocolate truffles or other homemade chocolates.  Try CADO's organic chocolate cream liqueur with coffee, or stirred into hot chocolate for a warming winter pick-me-up.  
As one of the newer chocolate flavored liqueur brands, we are not yet well known in the market, but we believe the quality of our organic products speaks for itself.  Our organic chocolate cream liqueur is available bottled, with our brand, WILKAY, which means "sacred" in the native Quichua language.  We are seeking importers and distributors worldwide.  We will very soon have a distributor in Milan, Italy, for sales in Europe.
To buy fairly-traded, community-produced organic chocolate cream liqueur, email cadoecuador("at")

Cream Liqueur made with Organic Chocolate,
High quality chocolate cream liqueur produced with alcohol from organic sugarcane plantations in rural communities of Ecuador, flavored with organic chocolate from ancient cacao forests.  Ideal as an ingredient in homemade liqueur chocolates, chocolate truffles and decadent desserts, or simply sip this rich organic chocolate cream liqueur after dinner.
A Green Progress organic farming project from CRACYP.
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Organic chocolate cream liqueur
Organic chocolate starts with organic cacao, seen here as cacao pods on the tree.
Organic chocolate liqueur with chocolate truffles
Fair trade organic sugar cane plantation
Chocolate liqueur with toasted cacao beans
Dark organic chocolate