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Organic, Fair Trade Alcohol & Whole Cane Sugar from Rural Communities in Ecuador

CADO (Consorcio Agroartesanal Dulce Orgánico, or consortium of organic sweet agri-handcrafts, literally translated) is a responsible community enterprise formed by small-scale sugar cane farmers who produce organic, fair trade alcohol and unrefined sugar in the western foothills of the Andes in Ecuador.  Our products include ethanol, whole cane sugar, alcoholic cream liqueurs (chocolate and coffee) and potable alcohol for those who produce their own liqueurs.
The families producing the alcohol and sugar farm organically on a small scale.  To produce large quantities of alcohol and unrefined whole cane sugar, CADO has brought together 36 communities of these producers, which means that as a company we help support hundreds of families with an adequate income while taking responsibility for the local water resources and environment.  CADO is a community enterprise which belongs to its members and offers equal opportunities and democratic participation.
CADO's organic certification is with Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie and covers all the production processes, from farm to bottle.  Farming without chemicals is traditional in this area, but with organic certification CADO has expanded its environmental responsiblities to include conserving watersheds, protecting native forests and managing soils for the benefit of biodiversity.  Our location in the humid forests of the foothills gives us the opportunity to conserve some of the major water sources for the Ecuadorian coastal region.
CADO is currently switching to a new fair trade certification with SPP which better matches our values, after having held the fair trade seal "Fair for Life" from 2011 to 2016.  Fair trade status was achieved after several years and a long training process in community groups.  Fair trade certification assures that the children go to school, have time to play and don't work at dangerous tasks.  The rules require that safety standards are maintained in the farm distilleries and that social welfare and health and safety norms are implemented for all CADO workers.  The fair price that the families of CADO receive for complying with these rules offers them the possibility of a reasonable standard of living and a better future for their children and future generations.
The quality, the social and environmental values and the dedication of our farmers mean that our products are unique in the market.  We invite you to conserve the environment, improve lives in rural Ecuador and benefit from fine products by buying or distributing the organic, fair trade products of CADO.
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CADO: organic, fair trade alcohol and unrefined sugar from rural communities in Ecuador
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Organic sugar cane plantation with donkey loaded with sugarcane
Milling organic sugar cane with a horse-powered mill
The CADO stand at BioFach 2014
Measuring the strength of organic cane alcohol for the fair trade market
Rectification plant where CADO's organic alcohol is processed.

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