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Fair Trade Whole Cane Sugar

Fair trade whole cane sugar is a sweet way to support small rural farmers trying to work their way out of poverty.  Ours is community-produced and has fair trade certification, under recertification at the moment (February 2018).  
Whole cane sugar is produced by washing and crushing whole sugar cane, then evaporating the resulting juice, and stirring or beating it until it granulates.  That's it.  It's a very simple, natural and tasty product, which can be used in hot drinks, in cooking, to sweeten fruit juices and for almost any other situation in which you would use refined sugar.  Ours is certified organic as well as fair trade, and is the product of small family farms in the western foothills of the Ecuadorian Andes, using the same traditional methods as their grandparents did before them.
Fair trade or otherwise, whole cane sugar is known by many names, including evaporated cane juice, rapadura sugar or unrefined sugar (so long as it is genuinely unrefined).  Be wary of sugars labelled unrefined, as rules vary from country to country, and note that raw sugar is a misnomer and not nearly as natural as it may sound.  Asian consumers may know whole cane sugar under names such as jaggery or gur.  The wide range of Spanish names for it are listed on the Spanish language page about fair trade panela, which is the name CADO's farmers know it by.  
Fair trade principles apply to all stages of the production of our whole cane sugar.  From the welfare of the workers harvesting the cane, and their children's right to an education and play time, through to safety around the boiling sugarcane juice and democratic participation in decision-making, there are rules in place and ongoing training to support CADO members.  
Fair trade also takes environmental aspects into account, for example working with respect for the soil and watercourses, and in this way it coexists easily with the requirements for our organic certification.  Our fair trade evaporated cane juice is the product of organic plantations which provide a haven for wildlife.  Each ripe cane is harvested by hand when it is ready, leaving the rest of the plant intact and causing minimum disturbance to the ecosystem.
Our granulated fair trade whole cane sugar can be supplied in bulk or packed ready for sale with our brand or yours.  Write to us at cadoventas1("at") for more information, or to import organic, community-produced, fair trade whole cane sugar.

Fair trade whole cane sugar from CADO
Whole cane sugar is also known as evaporated cane juice, unrefined sugar or rapadura sugar.
Ours is made by a community enterprise in rural Ecuador and certified organic and fair trade.
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Fair trade whole sugar cane, being unloaded from a donkey in rural Ecuador
Fair trade evaporated cane juice in production, also known as whole cane sugar.
Whole cane sugar
Organic, fair trade whole cane sugar from CADO
Harvesting fair trade sugar cane by hand in an organic plantation in Ecuador.Fair for Life logo