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Fair Trade Products from CADO

CADO's fair trade products from communities in rural Ecuador include unrefined whole cane sugar, ethanol, potable alcohol, and chocolate or coffee cream liqueurs.  They are made by 250 families in farms in the sub-tropical western foothills of the Andes mountains.  
Fair trade prices improve the quality of life for these farmers and their children, while the fair trade rules improve health, safety, working conditions and care of the land.  Part of the price premium received goes into a social fund, and each year our members decide how to spend it for the benefit of the community.  In the past, these fair trade projects have included supplying clean drinking water to a remote community, and repairing bridges for safer access.  The majority of our fair trade products are also certified organic.
Our fair trade products all contain some form of fair trade, organic sugar cane, which is the principal crop of the farming families who make up the CADO community enterprise.  
Fair trade whole cane unrefined sugar (also known as panela, rapadura sugar or evaporated cane juice) is a very natural product, made with only pure sugar cane juice and containing all the flavours and goodness of the sugarcane.  The knowledge that it is fair trade, improving lives in rural communities, makes it seem sweeter still.
Our fair trade ethanol is used in the cosmetics industry, by clients including Dr. Bronner's, for perfumes and other personal care products.  It can also be used as an organic industrial solvent.  Although it is artisan-made on small family farms, the ethanol is rectified in a very high tech processing plant (also certified fair trade and organic) with sophisticated controls which can produce ethanol to the very precise specifications needed for the fragrance industry.  
Fair trade potable alcohol from CADO is ideal for socially responsible liqueurs or other alcoholic beverages.  It can also be used in fair trade products for alternative therapies, as a food ingredient, or to extract flavourings or colourings from plants while maintaining their organic status.
Our delicious fair trade cream liqueurs with the brand WILKAY offer the satisfaction of supporting socially and environmentally responsible family farms in an area of extreme poverty.  In addition to CADO's high quality fair trade alcohol, these liqueurs contain coffee or chocolate from small Ecuadorian producer groups.  The dairy cream is currently in the process of organic certification, as there is not yet certified organic cream available in Ecuador.  We are working to help a local supplier achieve organic certification, at which point the liqueurs will be certified organic too.  We appreciate your support while these dairy farmers make the big investment in converting to organic production, which allows us to make our fair trade products with all Ecuadorian ingredients.   
Fair trade makes a big difference to the quality of life of families here and we are proud of our internationally-recognised fair trade certification.  Contact us today to be part of improving lives here by buying our fair trade products.

Fair trade products from CADO
CADO's fair trade products include: fair trade unrefined sugar, fair trade ethanol, fair trade alcohol, fair trade chocolate cream liqueur and fair trade cream coffee liqueur
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Fair trade products: unrefined sugar in wooden trough
Fair trade cream liqueurs with the WILKAY brand
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