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Fair Trade Cream Liqueurs

CADO's fair trade cream liqueurs are community-produced.  They are certified organic.  Currently available in two flavours, chocolate or coffee, they both contain our organic, fair trade alcohol, made on small family farms in rural Ecuador.  Our fair trade certification is the currently (February 2018) under recertification by Kiwa BCS to the standards of SPP.
To make our fair trade cream liqueurs so smooth and creamy, our organic sugarcane alcohol is blended with thick dairy cream and organic cane sugar.   In the past, we used certified organic cream which we imported as none was available in Ecuador.  However, the Ecuadorian government has now banned the import of milk products, so we are working with a group of Ecuadorian dairy farmers to gain organic certification for their home-produced cream.  Once the dairy cream is certified organic, our fair trade cream liqueurs will once again have organic certification.  The traditionally-made organic cane sugar is either from the farmers of CADO or from neighboring Colombia.
The fair trade chocolate cream liqueur is flavored with the best organic cacao (chocolate) beans, produced by a group of farmers fighting to maintain their ancient cacao plantations in Ecuador's costa region.  These old trees produce less cacao than newer varieties, but of much better quality - the famous Ecuadorian fine cacao de aroma.  The group have organic certification for their cacao, and we are proud to support their struggle to conserve the traditional plantations.  You can support them too, by buying our fair trade chocolate cream liqueur.
Our fair trade coffee cream liqueur gets its taste from the best coffee beans, shade-grown at high altitude and certified organic.  We buy from a unique group of coffee farmers consisting of two growers' associations, where older farmers share their traditional knowledge of coffee cultivation with younger members who bring their education and business knowledge to the enterprise.  We believe in supporting such small Ecuadorian producer groups who are actively conserving the environment.  The farmers carefully select the mature fruits for hand harvesting, before sun-drying them and roasting them to bring out their rich coffee flavor.  We then macerate these top quality coffee beans in our organic, fair trade alcohol, to extract all the subtle nuances of flavor which make our fair trade coffee cream liqueur so special.
Our fair trade cream liqueurs are available bottled with our brand, WILKAY, which means "sacred" in the indigenous Quichua language.  Our European distributor in Milan, Italy, will receive its first shipment very soon, and we are seeking distributors and importers for the rest of the world.  We are open to suggestions and special requests, for example we can change our cream liqueur recipes to adjust the percentages of sugar or alcohol to suit local markets.  If you'd like a vegan version, with soy cream rather than dairy, or have ideas for a new flavor, please contact us.  For more information, or to import fairly-traded, community-produced cream liqueurs with organic ingredients, write to us at cadoventas1("at")
It's deliciously satisfying to know that you can help rural families out of poverty and conserve Ecuador's amazing biodiversity just by buying our fair trade cream liqueurs.  Cheers!

Fair trade cream liqueurs from CADO
Fair trade chocolate cream liqueur and fair trade cream coffee liqueur, both with organic ingredients, made by a community enterprise in rural Ecuador
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Fair trade cream liqueurs
Fair trade sugar cane being cut by hand in an organic plantation
Organic, fair trade coffee cream liqueur
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